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Seed Time & Harvest October 6, 2017

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My sunflowers last year were just incredible – all different sizes and colors. Watching them grow was both exciting and rewarding.


In late September, I harvested hundreds of seeds to be planted this year and carefully dried and packaged my bounty. However, I was quickly discouraged and turned-off from replanting when I began to till the soil.


New York had a rather dry Spring, and the ground was tough and unyielding. Jamming the pick into the ground with little response left me walking away in frustration…and I quit.

Later that week, I was voicing my defeat when someone mentioned that I should try again after it rains. The ground will be much softer and receptive, and I will certainly have easier success. That is exactly what I am planning to do.


Of course, this touches me spiritually. Many of the people that I have prayed for and spoken to of Jesus have been difficult to break into. They seem just as tough and stubborn as the sunflower patch.

This next wave of the Holy Spirit being poured out on our world will work wonders in softening hearts and minds to the things of the Lord.

Holy Spirit

“Holy Spirit, rain down, rain down

You’re my Comforter and Friend

How we need your touch again!”

This is my prayer for my world and yours.

God bless your labors with His Spirit.

I love you.



Sunflower Seeds




Don’t Pull The Plug September 22, 2017

EGG petsEGG Pets

Last Halloween, we hosted a giant party for friends and family. (I am not on Team Devil, I am on Team Cooperate-With-Your-Boss) 😉 Most of the decorations were homemade and very cute. One particular area was that of lizards, frogs, and snakes in jars. We used those soak-and-grow toys which get much bigger when they sit in water.

Today, my mind is grabbing that concept to work out something that the Holy Spirit is teaching me. These toys represent us. The children of God. We soak freely in His presence, and we are filled with Him. The longer we spend time with Jesus, the more we are saturated with His nature and goodness.

The drain on the tub is covered by a stopper called “Grace”. When negativity, complaining, whining, and criticism try to pull out our plug, we simply must keep a tight seal on the basin with the grace of

Eventually, we become so swollen with the Holy Spirit, that we can be placed in any situation and be squeezed tightly. Whatever we have filled ourselves with is what will flow out to the world around us. Jesus. Even if we are knocked around and handled wrongly, the Kingdom comes out everywhere we go. It really is a beautiful and wonderful thing to be filled with Him!

bathVicki Archer

Eventually, however, we need to get back in the tub and rest. Soak. Be still and know. Ask God to pour out His Spirit and fill you to overflowing. This is the rest of God for His children.

Be blessed. Rest in Him. Jesus loves you so.



Many Called, Few Chosen September 21, 2017

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“The suspense is terrible! I hope it’ll last.”

Willie WonkaWarner Brothers

Jesus has promised you SO much in and through Him, and the Spirit realm is being opened by the smallest, most humbling-to-enter door. Picture the crazy entry to the great room of wonder and excitement in the chocolate factory of Willie Wonka! Smaller and smaller, weirder and more unexpected was the path to incredible delight and dreams come true.

Inside the magical room every problem melts away and anything seems possible…even probable! In this place of mystical wonder and awe, we are invited on a journey involving tests to bring us to a place of leadership, abundance, and power in Jesus.

Chocolate FactoryWarner Brothers

There are four major places of purging that we must go through in purifying us from lust and pride. Just like Augusta, Veronica, Violet, and Mike, it is not OK for us to carry sin. Greed & gluttony, spoiled rotteness, competitive boastfulness, and arrogant aggressiveness MUST be stripped away to be given and trusted with leadership and authority.

Wonka HugWarner Brothers

God is looking for a son and a daughter who walks in humility and the fear of the Lord so He can GIVE them riches and honor and life. Humble yourself before God, and He WILL lift you up. Choose self-control in every area:

  • I don’t have to eat everything I want right now.
  • I don’t have to have everything I want right now.
  • I don’t have to discuss everything about me right now.
  • I don’t have to do everything I want right now.

Through HUMILITY, trust, obedience, and patience, Jesus brings us from glory to glory and takes us higher and higher and higher. We are changed into HIS image, and it is His good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

God bless you richly, in Jesus’ name! I love you.



Anchor – Bethel February 9, 2015

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Bethel Music – Anchor Lyrics

Artist: Bethel Music

Album: You Make Me Brave

Verse 1:
In every season, in every change
You are near
In every sorrow,
You are my strength
You are near

A peace in the storm
Your voice I will follow
In weakness I rise
Remembering You hold my world

I’m holding on to hope
I’m holding on to grace
I’m fully letting go
I’m surrendered to Your ways

The anchor for my soul
Father You will never change

I love You, I love You

Verse 2:
My great Redeemer,
My constant Friend
You are near
My faithful Father,
You took me in
You are near

I will remember Your promise forever
My Strength, my Defender
I can count on You
You are my Savior, My Hope and my Shelter
Your love is forever
I can count on You


Keith Baker: Missionary To Haiti (My Dad!) September 9, 2014

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Courtney Reid – “Glory Bound” July 19, 2014


Glory Bound

As I lay me down to sleep
On the lonely ground beneath my feet
Does anyone know, does anyone care
I’m sinking deep.

I’ve almost taken life from me
Like living in a cold dark angry sea
Feel like giving up, giving in
What will be will be, but I remember

You said, you said, I’m a priest in the kingdom at heavens sound
You said, you said, I’m heir to the throne and I’m glory bound
You’re always giving love to me

Something pulled me up to breathe
Like a life boat sent to rescue me
You never give up, you’re always lettin me in
Loose the chains I’m free.

My heart ache beats all night long
Your voice rings out redemption song
I hear it load and clear I’m outa here
I’m moving on.


Bottoms Up June 6, 2014

Have you ever coaxed a sweaty, over-heated toddler from their play for a drink of water? One of three results usually occur:

A. They completely ignore you, silently declaring that what they are doing is more important.

B. Begrudgingly they take a swig, making it clear that it is only because they are forced.

C. They grab the cup with both hands, gulp noisily much of the water, and look at you breathlessly for admiration for obedience.

Obviously, you didn’t offer a drink for your own benefit…apart from your concern for their well-being. It was for their own good. Without water they can not function properly, will get sick, and eventually die. Your providing vital life-sustaining is an act of self-less love.

It is healthy growth where a child realizes that water is important, good for them, and a necessary part of life. Hopefully they will learn to quench their own thirst with H2O without someone waving a sippy cup and begging them to partake.

Consequently, we don’t do God any favors by connecting with him. It is a privilege. A vital, life-giving privilege. Enjoy it. Appreciate it.