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Pop the Bubblewrap! May 8, 2007

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Here is something you will enjoy and something you’ve always enjoyed doing.

Click on the above and have a ball.


One Response to “Pop the Bubblewrap!”

  1. tori Says:

    ok im entering some bubble wrap competetion where the company who made bubble wrap gives 7th graders like me a chance to use our imagination of how we can use bubble wrap i came up with a burglur alarm (kinda) you put a large roll of (the large bubble wrap big bubbles fun x]) the bubble wrap by your doors at night and this is for the light sleepers but you lay it out at night so if a robber breaks in you can hear it! or if say one of your kids get in home late GROUNDED! so what do you think think ill win??? if not i need some ideas fast before march!

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