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Malasadas March 14, 2008

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Today, I had a box of malasadas in my office to share with my teachers. One by one they came, one by one, I offered my gift. These are the responses to my kindness…

1. DANG! I love me some malasadas. (very nice)
2. I don’t know. (stares at the box) Fine, I guess I’ll have one. (really? I have to convince you to take my treat?)
3. NO! Ahh! Malasadas are the devil! (a simple, no thank you, I eat tree bark. Would have sufficed.)
4. Sure! Let me grab some for my roommates. (better than me having to convince you, I guess.)
5. Ew. I don’t eat fried stuff. (again, no thank you works.)

Next time, I’ll just give them to the children, and you can deal with hyper kids all day…

photo courtesy of Kyle Miyasato


3 Responses to “Malasadas”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    hahaha. you’re too funny. I love malasadas. i wonder how many calories are in one??? it sucks trying to be skinny or stay skinny …that’s why they call them “skinny bitches” lol. I love you, but don’t ever offer me a malasada. LOL just kidding. beau will love you for like EVER if you offered him one. xoxo-jen

  2. Aunt Rache Says:

    That’s awesome! Sometimes I wish I could tell people off (to their face) like that. People can be so rude. I’m glad you can share that with me. It helps knowing that you can be thousands of miles away, but people’s rude behavior still exist everywhere.

  3. Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) Says:

    They look so yummy!

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