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June Manoa Geeks June 6, 2008

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So sad to end my last Manoa Geeks meeting at Oceanit, downtown Honolulu. We had a great time, and I’ll miss these guys tons.

We compiled a list of Twitter accounts of those present. If I missed you, feel free to add your handle in the comments.


thinkkesho – Carlos Urreta
pwnies – jacob miller
jphilipson – Joe Philipson
hawaii – Ryan
madmarv –
macratlove – sophie
ikitajima – Ian Kitajima
pineapplejuice – Keith
angelakeen – Angela Keen
Xapa – Kara Baker
Shane – Shane Robinson
Roxannedarling – Roxanne
Dragushan – Aaron Dragushan
coachdeb – Deborah Micek
jpmicek – John Paul Micek
Sethladd – Seth Ladd
Mirthlab – Mark Quezada
bytemarks – Burt Lum
lkitajima – Lianne Kitajima
Billk78 – Bill kineko
Kariume – Kari Unebasami

infinitypro – Neenz

Pierre – Pierre Omidyar


2 Responses to “June Manoa Geeks”

  1. sassmo Says:

    lol… I have about 75% of you all on my follow list already and I haven’t lived in Hawaii for almost a year now… Man I miss the islands! Hopefully I’ll be back in time to attend a MeetUp if you have one in Sept.

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