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What A Summer! September 13, 2008

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Ok, so I moved back to Indiana in June, and it has been very eventful.  I love living so close to Chicago, and have been down town several times, to Wrigley Field, the Museum of Science and Industry, and Navy Pier.  My brothers, Keith and Ken, both came this past week with their families, and my friend Stephanie came up from Kansas with Chris, and TOTALLY suprised me.  My friend, Rachel, came from Lafayette with her daughter to get pictures at my studio yesterday.  I’m not far from my parents, and it has been so, so great spending time with my family and friends, and meeting new ones.

My brother, Kirby, started college last week.  That was pretty exciting.  I’m glad I live here for all these events.  I’m a photographer at the JCPenney Portrait Studio in Merillville, and love shooting folks all day.  The girls with which I work are awesome, too.

The weather has started to change.  It’s the first time I’ve experienced seasons in five years.  I love the fall, but I have a feeling I’m gonna freeze to DEATH this winter…

My church has been awesome, and I love Dr. Schaap’s preaching.  Every service is so inspiring, encouraging, and informative.  I also forgot how amazing the music is here.

My parents are leaving in a few weeks for Haiti.  I’m going to miss them so much.  They are taking Kasey and Kevin with them.  I am so grateful for the past months that I have been able to be with them.

I miss Hawaii.  I miss my people…Manoa Geeks, Friendship Bible Church, Flickr Folks, and all the other great friends I left.  I think of them often, though I don’t dwell on it, as it can be a titch overwhelming.


One Response to “What A Summer!”

  1. Rache Says:

    I’m so glad you finally posted! I can’t believe you have been here since June and we just now got together. lol! I’m so glad you are so close and I can’t wait for the next time we can get together and share our hearts.

    Love ya, Kara!

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