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My Eyes! November 25, 2009

Filed under: Encouragement,Gratitude,Personal — Kara Baker @ 3:22 pm

Today I am extremely grateful for my eyes!  I try to choose one thing each day for which to be consciously thankful, and I think sight tops the list.  In third grade, I wanted Micky Mouse glasses, so  I tried to fail my vision exam.  Now, however, I am SO happy that I don’t have to fumble for glasses, wrestle with contacts, or read books with small bumps.

I have the privilege of enjoying all kinds of movies and any book I want to read.  It’s a joy to behold the beauty of nature and observe the antics and individuality of different people I see.  I can assess a situation, read body language, and deduce when and how to help someone through the gift of vision.

Almost four million people in the world are completely blind, require assistance in everyday activities and are severely limited to do the things that I enjoy and often take for granted.  LASIK costs between $2-5,000 for those with poor eyesight, but those who cannot see light at all are not eligible for any type of surgery or transplant.

My eyes are brilliantly designed, and I think it’s so amazing that the human eye can distinguish about ten million colors!  Thank you GOD for my eyes!


2 Responses to “My Eyes!”

  1. Rache Says:

    It doesn’t hurt that God made them so beautiful either. =)

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