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News From Gonaives January 14, 2010

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This email is from Jan Thompson in Gonaives (where my parents live):

wow ————- OK–I just got to the internet cafe and have read a few of the emails that you sent. THANKS for your prayers. We are still experiencing tremors but not as often as before. We went last nigh…t to get gas and diesel fuel and some groceries. There was no gasoline at 3 of the 4 gas stations we went to. At the last one fights were breaking out while we waited for our gas. We finally got some before it ran out. Our truck is full and our gas cans are now full. We got more water today and more food. American food will not be coming in to the grocery stores here in Gonaives because their supplier was in Port au Prince and that store was completely destroyed. In fact, everyone inside it at the time of the earthquake was killed. We shopped there every time we went to PAP. We heard on the street this morning that the main prison in PAP was destroyed and all the prisoners escaped. One of the meanest prisoners has already returned to Gonaives where he “ruled” the streets for many years before finally being arrested. He has been seen on the streets with 3 guns. His name is Chill Will. Please pray that he would be arrested soon. We desperately need cash. The banks are closed and therefore the Western Union offices can’t give out money until they open. Please be in prayer about how to get money to us. We have enough food and water and fuel to last at least a week or two. We know we have so much to be thankful for, but we are still aware our situation is serious. We pray for our friends in PAP and ask you to focus your prayers on that situation first. But also remember that the trickle-down will affect us in Gonaives and the other cities in Haiti as our supplies came from PAP. Thank you!! I am desperately trying to think of others at this time, but my fears keep creeping in!! My prayer is that Haiti will turn to THE ONLY SOURCE OF HELP–ALMIGHTY GOD!! I am trying to do that each minute of the day too!! Love you–thank you for your prayers and your concern for us. We are so blessed by all of you!! We still have no phone connections or internet connections. This keyboard is HORRIBLE so I need to quit now. Like there is not enough stress in my life…I get a LOUSY keyboard???? Love you–Jan — Jan Thompson Christopher’s Hope Ministry Gonaives, Haiti Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God”.

Manda Thompson (friend of our family in Gonaives writes:

January 12, 2010

4:52 pm: I am laying on my bed reading a book on photojournalism.

4:54pm: The bed starts shaking violently and I look out my window to see the trees swaying and my window shaking. This is not a big dump truck passing out on the street shaking the foundation of my house, this is an earthquake!

4:55pm : I run out of my room and my mom yells at my brother, sister and me to get under the tables. The whole house is swaying now. My sister is under one of the tables with my mom and is holding my dog “Hanna”. My little brother and I are under the other. My sister is screaming at me to grab her puppy “Tigger” who is hiding under a chair just out of my reach from under the table. I am to scared to move. I think the whole house is going to fall ontop of us, the swaying is getting worse, everything is rolling, shaking. It’s so loud.

4:56 pm: The power goes out. Everything is now shadowy inside my house. The swaying and shaking stops. Our bodyguard/friend Donald arrives in the truck at our gate. We all run out to look at our street. People are every where. No one knows what is happening. Everyone is scared and all talking at once.

4:57 pm: My sister trys to call her fiance in America on her cell, the network is down. I try calling a missionary kid who lives on the other side of town, to see if he is ok. Same result as my sister, no signal. There is no way to know or get any information.

4:58 pm: No power and no phone service. This is the first earthquake to ever hit Haiti. I just lived history and learned something else. Living history is scary.

9:30 pm: There are still tremors that are lasting for 3 to 4 seconds. We’ve found out the cell tower on top of the mountain is out. Now who knows when we will have our cell phones working again. I am kind of nervous to go to bed tonight, for fear I’ll be woken-up by an earthquake. This reminds me of hurricane hanna that hit us here in Gonaives, a little over a year ago. In the sense of, this a real life event where I have to know if I really trust God with my safety…with my life. Well here’s to the night and whatever it’s going to bring, He has my trust.

January 13, 2010

5:57 pm: We had several tremors all night long. I did not sleep at all, to much anxiety. We got our power back early this morning thank God. My Mom was able to go to an internet cafe and let everyone know we are ok. Port-au-prince is not though. It got hit with a 7.1 earthquake. So many buildings have collapsed. The death toll is over 100,000. Some of the phones have started working and we got calls from friends in port-au-prince letting us know they are ok, but it’s complete devastion their. Half of the Presidential Palace collapsed, many died inside. All the hospitals and univiersities have collapsed. The airport has major damage also. The last flight went out at 4:30 pm yesterday. Minutes before the earthquake was to hit. Since my mom works as a warden of Gonaives for the US Embassy, we now know that there is a Tsunami warning for Haiti, Domnican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas. The roads to Port-au-Prince are closed. It’s mass chaos at the one remaining gas station to have gas here in Gonaives. Everyone is in a rush to buy up gas, diesel and food. The UN are out everywhere here. Since Port-au-Prince is devasted, no one knows when we will have gas or food shipped in. We are also being told there are going to be more earthquakes. I really pray that they are wrong. President Obama held a press conference this morning and promised as much USAid as was possible to go to Haiti to help the relief efforts immediately. Still no internet and my phone is not working. I hope tomorrow brings some positive change. We desperately need it.

January 14, 2010

9:30 am: There were again several tremors all night long. Still our phones aren’t working but we have power. Also found out some bad news this morning. The prison in Port-au-prince collapsed and all the prisoners escaped. The man that used to terroize Gonaives, “Chill Will” has already been seen this morning here in Gonaives, with two handguns and an AR15. Things are about to get scary and bad fast. Please keep praying.


2 Responses to “News From Gonaives”

  1. Lucie Thibeaud Tchouassi Says:

    Thank you for the very detail account… It gave a slight hint of what happened and how it was felt in the Gonaives area. Only God knows why such devastion and why a small country suffer so many natural disaster… My prayers are your family, all my friends and family there, and all Haitian. Please let me know if you can get a message to Madame Farius Sineus from Lunesse Alexandre (She would like to know if she is okay and if Serge Michel Tribie is okay). Communication has been impossible so far, any info would be helpfull. Thanks again and my prayers are with you.

    • Julia Says:

      There is a very strong possibility that the medical team I am joining will be headed to Gonaives on Saturday 2/6. I hope that we can be of service and be in touch.

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