Today with Kara

Who Am I? December 10, 2012

God can not be seen for who he is if I refuse to accept the reality of who I am without him.

Recently, I decided to take a week and be as humble as possible for seven days. The Bible has so many promises of reward for humility and meekness, so I thought I would give it a go. (honour, riches, grace, exaltation, food, peace, satisfaction, guidance, the earth, beauty, joy, and life) My great intentions resulted in the worst version of myself that I had seen in years. I quickly learned that the only way to be humble or decent at all is to surrender to the Holy Spirit. The only thing good about me is Christ in me – the hope of glory.

In coming to the Father, I do not ask on behalf of my wonderful behavior or feeble attempts of rightness. I come only as a forgiven, purchased, adopted child -forgiven by mercy, purchased by grace, and adopted by love. My petitions are made in the name of Jesus Christ and because of his righteousness. Jesus is Lord and in control. In Christ, I have all things; on my own, I am nothing. Every day, I wisely and gladly choose to lay down my will, thoughts, actions, and plans that the powerful love of God may flow through me…working above and beyond my wildest dreams.

In grasping this base concept of life, I have experienced the most delightful days with unlimited peace and joy. What a relief to step back and allow the Sprit of God to live for me in the most successful way! In death, I am reborn – a glorious, transformed creature of light. Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift!


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