Today with Kara

Xapa May 28, 2008

Fun-loving, adventurous, Zen Christian who loves to have a good time, explore new stuff, and meet new people.


2 Responses to “Xapa”

  1. Denis Says:

    If you’re in Gonaives still, is it possible to find a beloved aunt named Montout? Her kids are losing there minds here. We been getting good news from other people, but still haven’t heard anything from anyone there especially her. Only God knows. Your post was a bit of a relief, but sleep will be a bit easier knowing that she’s ok. She landed in Haiti on the day of the earthquake, was picked up about 2 hours prior to quake, and we lost contact since she was in route home. I hope and pray that this is a real post from Gonaives.

    God bless yoou

  2. xapa21 Says:

    Denis, I wouldn’t worry about anyone in Gonaives. Apart from some shaking and glass breaking, there isn’t any damage to speak of. I’ll pass her name along to my family and see if they can locate her, but I’m sure she is fine. I talked to my mother twice and they are all safe and sound in Gonaives.

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