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Courtney Reid – “Glory Bound” July 19, 2014


Glory Bound

As I lay me down to sleep
On the lonely ground beneath my feet
Does anyone know, does anyone care
I’m sinking deep.

I’ve almost taken life from me
Like living in a cold dark angry sea
Feel like giving up, giving in
What will be will be, but I remember

You said, you said, I’m a priest in the kingdom at heavens sound
You said, you said, I’m heir to the throne and I’m glory bound
You’re always giving love to me

Something pulled me up to breathe
Like a life boat sent to rescue me
You never give up, you’re always lettin me in
Loose the chains I’m free.

My heart ache beats all night long
Your voice rings out redemption song
I hear it load and clear I’m outa here
I’m moving on.


Bottoms Up June 6, 2014

Have you ever coaxed a sweaty, over-heated toddler from their play for a drink of water? One of three results usually occur:

A. They completely ignore you, silently declaring that what they are doing is more important.

B. Begrudgingly they take a swig, making it clear that it is only because they are forced.

C. They grab the cup with both hands, gulp noisily much of the water, and look at you breathlessly for admiration for obedience.

Obviously, you didn’t offer a drink for your own benefit…apart from your concern for their well-being. It was for their own good. Without water they can not function properly, will get sick, and eventually die. Your providing vital life-sustaining is an act of self-less love.

It is healthy growth where a child realizes that water is important, good for them, and a necessary part of life. Hopefully they will learn to quench their own thirst with H2O without someone waving a sippy cup and begging them to partake.

Consequently, we don’t do God any favors by connecting with him. It is a privilege. A vital, life-giving privilege. Enjoy it. Appreciate it.


Salvation March 5, 2013

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Father’s Love February 22, 2013

IMG_1216My dad loves me…unconditionally and without reserve. He supports me, encourages me, comforts me, protects me, guides, leads, teaches, instructs, loves…

Because of the insane love that I have from my Daddy, I catch an incredible glimpse of the passionate love that our Heavenly Father has for us. I know that every girl doesn’t have the impossibly amazing father that I have, but we ALL have the opportunity to know the radical love of God – to feel His strong presence in our lives and to experience his overwhelming grace.

Through Jesus Christ we are able to approach the Creator of the Universe and have the privilege, yea, RIGHT to call Jehovah our Dad, Papa, Father. He provides, guides, protects, teaches, gives, encourages, strengthens, loves.

When this happens to you…and it will…you will be completely and utterly elated, humbled and astounded by what is available to you in Christ. Ask. Receive. Seek. Find. Knock. Open. It’s yours, for you. This is why you were created – to come to God and know his love.


Renew Your Mind #13 April 5, 2010

Act like a child!  It’s so profoundly simple that we tend to think it isn’t true.  “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Humility, gratitude, truth, clean hands, pure heart, faith, spiritual songs – all important keys to being filled with the Spirit and entering the Kingdom.

Do right, don’t lie, be kind, share, tell the truth, trust me, say “Thank you, Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am.”  When did this drone of direction from our parents get written off as unuseful and inapplicable?  It is a beautiful thing when you are able to become as a child and enjoy the vast richness of the fullness of God and his kingdom.

(I know that’s not what Jesus looked like…)


My Eyes! November 25, 2009

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Today I am extremely grateful for my eyes!  I try to choose one thing each day for which to be consciously thankful, and I think sight tops the list.  In third grade, I wanted Micky Mouse glasses, so  I tried to fail my vision exam.  Now, however, I am SO happy that I don’t have to fumble for glasses, wrestle with contacts, or read books with small bumps.

I have the privilege of enjoying all kinds of movies and any book I want to read.  It’s a joy to behold the beauty of nature and observe the antics and individuality of different people I see.  I can assess a situation, read body language, and deduce when and how to help someone through the gift of vision.

Almost four million people in the world are completely blind, require assistance in everyday activities and are severely limited to do the things that I enjoy and often take for granted.  LASIK costs between $2-5,000 for those with poor eyesight, but those who cannot see light at all are not eligible for any type of surgery or transplant.

My eyes are brilliantly designed, and I think it’s so amazing that the human eye can distinguish about ten million colors!  Thank you GOD for my eyes!