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Tea for Two ~ God and You

Courtney Reid – “Glory Bound” July 19, 2014


Glory Bound

As I lay me down to sleep
On the lonely ground beneath my feet
Does anyone know, does anyone care
I’m sinking deep.

I’ve almost taken life from me
Like living in a cold dark angry sea
Feel like giving up, giving in
What will be will be, but I remember

You said, you said, I’m a priest in the kingdom at heavens sound
You said, you said, I’m heir to the throne and I’m glory bound
You’re always giving love to me

Something pulled me up to breathe
Like a life boat sent to rescue me
You never give up, you’re always lettin me in
Loose the chains I’m free.

My heart ache beats all night long
Your voice rings out redemption song
I hear it load and clear I’m outa here
I’m moving on.


Simplify March 6, 2013

Simplify, originally uploaded by Xapa.


Tea for Two ~ God and You March 5, 2013

This is what I call the small bits of love that I am privileged to extend to women doing real work for the Kingdom.  Sipping a steaming cup of tea forces us to slow down and live in the moment.  It is in these rare times that we allow ourselves the quietness in which to hear God speak…to experience his presence…to bask in his love.

There is nothing more available, yet more needful than the love of God.  When we tap into the all-powerful love of our heavenly Father, we find what is essential to accepting who we are in Him.  The confidence and power that we find in the Holy Spirit enables us to reach our world for Jesus Christ.

So many people need you, so I invite you to a simple moment of peace with our Father – to bask in his holiness, his grace, and his love.  You have been chosen, justified, sanctified, and glorified…and you are loved.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless work that will be reflected forever in heaven.


The Hiddenness of God February 16, 2013



We are all addicted to something…something that makes us feel better to some extent.  We use what works, and it works because it triggers chemicals in your brain to be released upon usage.  All addictions (shopping, gambling, religion, drinking, drugs, music, chocolate, gardening, exercise, learning, climbing, surfing, scrap-booking…) create receptors that demand to be satiated at increasing frequencies.

When Paul told the Ephesians to be filled with the Holy Spirit instead of booze, he was spot on.  In satisfying a fleshly appetite, it only serves to create a larger one.  Paul knew this.  He wasn’t always Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ.   He was Saul.  Saul who had tried to fill the void in his life by doing everything imaginable, including murdering followers of Christ.  He was desperate to do it his way and ignore the Spirit of God.

While Indulging in activities that please our five senses, we dull our spirit to that which is real…the only thing that truly matters.  The Enemy tricks us into thinking that next big hit will make us really happy and that it will last.  We believe him, and time and again we find ourselves empty, hurt, and alone – even when surrounded by everything we thought we wanted.

So what do we do?  What did the Samaritan woman at the well do?  She tried sex.  Lots of it.  She was miserable.  Until she met HIM.  The One who could give her real satisfaction…water that would quench her internal thirst for love and peace.  Everlasting fulfillment.

The beauty of being filled with the Spirit is that it is the ONLY substance in the universe that really brings satisfaction – that sense that everything is going to be OK.  The Holy Spirit breathes life into you that you had forgotten or didn’t even know was possible.  He fills you with power, love, wisdom, gifts, and overflowing joy.

So…take it from a girl who has tried it all and found Jesus Christ to be the ONLY answer to life, and invite the Holy Spirit of God to come into your world.  I promise you that you will find in Christ everything for which you have been searching.


Romans 12:1 February 15, 2013

pages 3 and 4, originally uploaded by Xapa.


Help Me Find It – Sidewalk Prophets February 14, 2013

I will wait for YOU. You’ve never failed before.